Monday, July 31, 2017

The Month That Got Away From Me

So, yeah, I didn't get everything done writing-wise that I had hoped or planned to do. I few things have put me off my game a bit. Some of them good, like getting a teaching job and someone very dear getting their own place & helping them move. But then there was the no good, very bad that was the stomach bug I caught that had me spewing red, white and eww for a few days. And the taking of a family member to the ER and urgent care didn't help with the time management either. But I'm hoping for a more productive and calm August that will also allow me to catch up. Hang in there, I love ya'll like chicken and more than my luggage.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Happy July Update!

So, as promised, here is all the stuff going on with my other web writing activity.

More poems have been moved from here to their happy home to their homestead on the website. And I am happy to report they are getting along well with the others. Here are the links for them.
  And I have had four more essays promoted to This now make ten total. Woot!
Also, on June 23th, HubPages awarded moi with the Engaging Writer Accolade. I'm pretty stoked about it.

More good things are a comin', so hang tight.

Just as soon as I can get the cat to stop laying on my writing materials! 😁

Sunday, July 02, 2017's July Already?

So I just noticed that I kinda neglected the ol' blog here overall for about six weeks. This is not to say I haven't been doing stuff in the writing realm. Oh, quite the contrary. To paraphrase Bill & Ted, exciting things are afoot at the homestead K.

Things are happening over at HubPages/LetterPile (to be covered in another post), poetry is being put up on the website (to be covered in another post), and I am going through my writer's reflections from my writing workshops to post here. I thought it might be fun to share and look back on how I felt about my writing and myself at certain periods over my four year journey of higher education.

(Side Note: if ya'll want to peak at the stuff "to be covered in another post," you could hop, skip and jump over to the aforementioned sites before then. The links are listed below the "Commenting Rules." Just sayin'.)

I am also working on a new piece for the blog. I though it would be about 500 words and ready for prime time last month. Such is not the case. It has grown to be longer than originally thought, and therefore taking more time. Such are the best laid plans of mice and (wo)men. But it's coming along nicely and totally worth the extra time and effort. I hope to have it up before the month is over.

So, I'm gonna get back to work now. Until then, here's a picture of my cat to hold you over.

So cute, don't ya think?