Saturday, November 02, 2019

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Wednesday, August 07, 2019

My Long Awaited, Triumphant Return...

..or maybe not so much.

So, I have been away for almost a year. I thought about delaying this post till the 15th, but decided I've neglected this site too long to pull a cheat gimmick. So I post today!

Now, there has been good reason for the lack of activity over here. The great muse had chosen me to bless with her attention, and I had a good 7-8 months of crazy writing nirvana. Every time I sat down, something spilled out onto the page. It was beautiful. Then, one day without warning, she decided to piss off and take a vacation. Really? At work, they make you put in for the time and approve it. Nope, not her. Off she went, leaving me screaming, "Get back here, you bitch!" So, I've switched from writing woman to editing woman.

About a month before my last post here, I started working on my novel. So far, I have the first seven chapters in the scary, messy throw it at the page quick before it all disappears, draft zero phase. I have molded the first 4 1/2 into a decent first draft, and I've plotted out the rest. I've also jotted down scenes and dialogue to use in other chapters. It's coming together nicely, though some of the research questions have left people a bit perplexed. (Advice, never look at a writer's internet history. It will make you question a great many things.)

Along with that blessing of the muse, I also completed nine shorter works in the fiction, creative non fiction, and essay categories. One piece has so far made it to the released out into the world stage. Reel Rundown picked it up, and it has been receiving much love:

The others are in various points of life. Hope to have news on their existence soon, and will post updates as they happen.

I have also dipped my toe seriously into the YouTube thing. I have a number of projects that are in development. The one that has made it past the finish line at this time is my list of Cult Classic faves. Or at least the hidden gems. Here is Part 1:

So, this is the update is now done. I will be getting back to all of my creations needing my attentions. Until next time, love ya more than my luggage. TTFN!

And I'll leave your with a Yuna picture, because it's the internet...and cats...and she's mine.😎😎😎