Thursday, January 03, 2013

Short Poems About Cats

My Cat at the Porch Door

Sun shining in
Warm, golden beams
Falling upon kitty
Upon her fir it gleams

Sunning there
Soaking all of it up
No cares in the world
Only this moment

The Cat
At the door there’s a cat
Who is watching a rat
We can question why
Yet there she lies
Waiting for the day
She will make it her prey

One Summer Day

The cat is sitting by the window
Ice cream drips upon the ground.
The day is so hot and long
While children play in the broken water main
We wait for someone to chase them away
But this is to be an unusual day
As she has  her fill of the creamy treat
That is not where it should be.
Do not underestimate thy furry ones
Intelligence, capabilities and determination