Friday, June 03, 2016

So Might Aquarian...Where Have You Been?

There is a really good answer for that...getting my BA in English-Creative Writing from UCF. As much as I wanted to keep up with my blogging, it was just not time feasible. Between working full time and attending classes full time, I barely had time to devote to eating & sleeping. I learned to consolidate certain tasks, like doing my reading assignments while I ate my meals. Two birds, one stone. Hell, when the study came out last year that stated people only needed 7 hours of sleep as opposed to 8, I was ecstatic because I gained 7 hours a week to devote to homework.  It was crazy time, but it was worth it for the degree, the experience and all the academic honors that come with a 3.5 (3.8 UCF) GPA.

So, there will be some much needed housekeeping on the ol' blogfront. The first you can see, the new site design. It was time for an update, and this is so me. I will be spreading my writing across my website (, my Hubpages ( and here. As some of the pieces are duplicated across the sites, I will deciding on where they best fit and that will be their home. This means that some of the posts here may disappear (two already have). But do not fear, as I will be letting everyone know where they are in a post when the deed is done.

I am also currently writing for a real estate blog. So, if you really want to check that out (I understand if you don't because your think it's not your thing. We cool.) you can check it out at

So, that's all I have. TTFN!