Friday, June 08, 2012

Epistle to Sarah Palin

I was assigned this for my Humanities class.  I am happy with the way it turned out, so I am sharing it here.  (BTW, I got a 148/150 for it.)

Dear Sarah Palin,

You took your success as a beauty queen,
And parlayed that to the political scene.
This took you to the national stage;
With plastic surgery you hide your age.
Who cares if you’ve read any books
When all you need to use is your looks.
While you present yourself desirable to man,
You use those wiles to take all that you can.
To clean up politics was you pact,
But we now know it was all an act.
As we viewed your public record we did find
The truth, when it comes to you is far from kind.
To distract us from the fact that you lied,
You spun us a crazy tale of a “Wild Ride.”
While some said that showed you a good mother and wife,
The rest of us asked, “How could you risk your unborn’s life?”
Your response, blame all your shortcomings on us,
Then throw your pregnant daughter “under the bus.”
Fault others, play Victim, that is your game,
To which you do it well and feel no shame.
On election night, McCain began to rue
That for his Vice President, he chose you!
Then back to Alaska, the state you say you love
And “singing” of your blessings from God above.
Waiting for Him to show you the open door,
Too bad work and effort are what you abhor.
Playing Governor you thought you could fake,
But for only so long that job you could take.
So you quit your position and started SarahPAC,
Yet made no attempt to make up for what you lack.
As far as improving yourself, we’ve seen none,
So now your future in politics is over and done.
The pursuit of riches and fame is what you chose,
So you make paid speeches, and work for Fox News.
You tell everybody you’re here to stay,
But all I want you to do is GO AWAY!

Love & Kisses,
The Mighty Aquarian

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