Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Mighty Aquarian Presents: Coming Attractions

(What can I say? I love the movies. And just making a movie reference in the title was something I just COULD NOT resist.)

As of the beginning of the month I am now working a second job. This is great news, as I can now start keeping up with my living expenses and started paying off some of my bills. But this does not leave a lot of time to do other things. Despite my goal of trying to make at least one post a day, there may be times when posts my be a more sporadic.

This does not mean I have nothing in the works. Quite the contrary. I have a number of posts that I am working on. One thing in particular will be something I am working on over on my Squidoo & Hubpages entitled "10 Reasons Sarah Palin Scares Me" The post is VERY long, and is taking me longer to write & research than I thought, and my new lack of free time not helping matters. As I write a section, I will be posting it here.

Not everything will be all serious. There will also be more of my poetry, and maybe a short story or two in the coming months as well.

So, to all, hang in there. TTFN. Be well. Live long and prosper. Till we meet again. Namaste.

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