Saturday, February 18, 2006

Who comes up with this stuff...

Well folks, apparently Florida has a law in place that states after taking and failing your driving test 5 times, not only do you lose your driving permit, you can't reapply for it for a year. A YEAR!!! How do I know this, you ask. Simple, I have just become an example of this unknown-to-anyone-except-the-DMV law. It boggles the mind. Doesn't this make you wonder who makes up these laws to begin with. Especially when you take into consideration that Reckless Driving is a 60 day suspension, and DUI is only 180 days. Fail your driving test 5 times, 365 days. What are they, the driving Nazis? No driving for you. Come back in a year. Is anyone else as dumbfounded as I am?


badthing1 said...

Kris I don't blame you one bit for being pissed. This law is absolutely ludicrous!!

I don't understand why they feel they need to take your permit away in the first place, because the more practice a person gets, the better they become at something anyway, right?

In MY opinion, reckless driving should be the one that causes you to lose your license for 6 months, and a DUI should cause a person to lose it for a year.

LOL so you're a Seinfeld fan too, huh?

Sorry about what happened to you and I wish you luck taking that next test of yours. :)

The Mighty Aquarian said...

Thanks for the support, badthing1. Nobody I've spoken to can believe it, either.

And Seinfeld is just great. :)