Monday, December 31, 2012

Our Struggle

They Say,
Those talking heads
On the television…
There is no war on women:
            “It’s lies!”
            “It’s the twisting of words!”
            “It’s your imagination!”
If all they say is true,
Then why don’t I believe them?

The redefining of rape…
Should I not be offended?
The restricting of contraception…
Am I not to control my body?
The recall of Roe vs. Wade…
Isn’t this my choice?

My daughters look to me
For endless inspiration
For standing for what’s right
For continuing the fight

I look to my daughters
For remembering the past
For honoring those before them
For continuing our progress

A Girl & A Boy

In the classroom
There sat a girl
Behind her
There sat a boy
The girl saw them as equals
The boy did not share that view

The day of the test results
Was upon them
The boy did well
The girl did better

The boy, enraged
Brought his textbook
Down upon her
The girl, shocked
Saw blackness, then
Briefly lost time

The boy felt injustice
As he should have
Been the better
The girl felt injustice
That her brilliance
Could be dismissed

Definition of a Child

What is
The definition of a child…

Is it how they came to be-

Is it their height-

Is it there species-

Is it there gender-

They are all this
And more
Defined by
Unconditional love